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31-Aug-2017 20:06

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In fact there are many startling online dating statistics that may have your eyebrow raising. #1 The percentage of couples who met online via social media or dating aps is a whopping 1 in 4!#2 In 2014 alone, the Canadian online dating industry has earned more than 0 million.So people want to date someone who can relate to them, not a huge surprise, right? If you’re sick of not being able to wear heels around your short boyfriend or you don’t want to bend down every time you kiss your girl, then this is the website for you!Dating sites for stranger tastes What is surprising, though, is the sheer number of ridiculously specific dating websites available. This website advertises itself as a place for “tall, beautiful women,” “handsome men,” and “tall people admirers” to mingle. They even offer a complementary list of “tall people dating ideas.” Score!The Internet has taken over cable and media, pen and paper, and some might even say the dating world.Dating apps like Tinder and websites like OKCupid seem to be taking over as the new dating hotspots.#3 Up to 10% of dating app users leave the service within the first 3 months of using it. #4 Another interesting study showed that 62% of singles using emojis are those who want to get married.

(Source | Photo | Via) With the help of terminally ill volunteers, this website is sending telegrams to people who have passed away.

The premise of Dream Cliq is that users build a profile using their favourite images and then browse other profiles and choose someone whose image tastes appeal to theirs.

You can filter by basic categories like age and location and images are clustered into themes such as art and books, travel and leisure or music and film. The site is stylish and will appeal to those with a penchant for Pinning but there’s an element of pot luck in that you can’t see much personal information about other users.

Considered to be the first successful free dating site model on the Internet, Owner, Markus Friend, still runs the organization by himself even though his user base outnumbers most of the pay-per-use websites around the world.

The amount of people using Plenty of Fish (which includes heavily-trafficked forums, compatibility questionnaires and the very popular Who's Seen Me button) is astronomical in its sheer ability to connect with users around the globe looking for friendship, love, and anything else in between.#2 Do you have a gluten intolerance that makes cooking for your special someone a real pain in the butt?