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09-Sep-2017 05:13

” Your children are adults themselves, and while they might initially be taken aback that Mom is in her 70s and has a beau, they are probably delighted for you.Do give your adult children some advance warning so they can be prepared.With Thanksgiving opening up the November and December holiday season, if you’re a senior single with a new beau or lady friend on your arm, you are facing the modern dating dilemma of mature singles, that quandary of how to introduce your new senior mate to your family this holiday season.

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The second and third Mondays in February are regular working days in Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the territories.Be honest with yourself, do you want them to meet your family because they’re important to you and the timing is right, or are you just trying to maintain a status quo based on expectations from others? Be sure that you’re sending honest signals about where you stand in the relationship and don’t be afraid to delay having your partner meet your family if the timing does not feel right to you.You may actually be reading this and wondering, “how do I know if the timing is right?British Columbia (BC) observes Family Day on the second Monday of February.

Two-thirds of Canadians live in a province that observes a February statutory holiday.

You could also rent a villa on a Greek island such as Santorini or Crete and spend all day lazing, and playing poolside, before getting stuck into a mezze (kids’ll love the different types of cheese).

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