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Let your kids know that it's wrong to create sites, pages, or posts that seem to come from someone else, like a teacher, a classmate, or someone they made up.Tell your kids why it's important to keep some things — about themselves, family members, and friends — to themselves.

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There were 651 dating scams reported in the three months to August this year, with the average victim paying out £9,589.It is important to act quickly and assertively to minimize the damage. Send correspondence by certified mail (return receipt requested). Once you discover you are a victim of identity theft you should notify the following: Remember, if you have been the victim of credit fraud (15 USC § 1681j(b)) or are denied credit (15 USC § 1681j(c)) you are entitled to a free credit report.In dealing with the authorities and financial institutions, keep a log of all conversations, including dates, times, names, and phone numbers. If you are a victim of fraud, be sure to ask the credit bureaus for free copies. One of the best date nights I’ve ever had with a boyfriend wasn’t going to a fancy restaurant and then taking a long walk on the beach — it was staying in, cooking eggplant parmesan, and playing the newly-released “World of Goo” on Wii.

We both loved video games since we were kids, and that was one of the ways we bonded as a couple.

This guide below from the Tennessee Department of Safety provides victims of identity theft with the major resources to contact.