Hot dating sim

22-Sep-2017 23:05

In addition it is also the first Sims expansion to add separate "Daily" and "Lifetime" relationship meters.

The expansion also changes the organisation of the 'Buy Mode' interface to make it easier to navigate and removes the need for players to turn lights on and off manually, automatically turning lights on or off depending on whether there are sims in the room.

But it gets better: his ol’ college girlfriend-turned-wife, “Smashley”, is no longer in the picture, as they got divorced last year. Janet, Martha, and the rest want his legitimately bangin’ dad bod, and although we really can’t blame them, that dad bod is gonna be ours… But the moms persist, and convince us to all pile up into the car and go to Thirsty’s Pizza to spend a little more time with him.

The biggest change that The Sims: Hot Date makes to the base game is adding the Downtown sub-neighbourhood which includes a variety of new restaurants, picnic areas, beach lots, shops and picnic spots.