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The iconic aircraft is scheduled to take off at 10.30am from Heathrow today, bound for New York, in a triumphal return to the skies 16 months after an Air France Concorde crashed in Paris, killing 113.British Airways claims the revamped jet is the world's safest – and the most stylish – since a refit by Sir Terence Conran turned it into a post-modern haven of leather, aluminium and cashmere.But, whereas a couple of months ago the £14m make-over of BA's supersonic fleet might have been hailed with a Hello!-style publicity blitz, the 11 September attacks have added a sobering ingredient.

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Kapoor, a US citizen set up an antique gallery in New York and also operated a website, and a company, Nimbus Import and Export Inc, to sell antiques.

Subash Kapoor (see photo at left) attest that prosecution has now begun.